Hat Rack

January 3, 2015 § 1 Comment

Friends let friends take photos of their groovy hat rack:

Hat rack


August 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

Halfway through the holiday weekend. Lazy morning followed by an afternoon spent writing, walking, and looking through old photo albums sent from my cousin Sally, who inherited them from my great-uncle Merlin. Love these two photos in particular of my Mom and Sally on a pony and my grandparents and some friends in their youth.


 * * *

Weekend party number three kicked off tonight with my friends’ super fun wedding reception at a pizza joint. It was splendid. But then again, Juli and Paul are fabulous, so a great time was par for the course.

I love these two — everyone does. Look how cute they are. I adore them beyond words.

May they live long, healthy, bright, and shiny lives. I can’t imagine them doing anything less.

Cuteness times two

Cuteness times two

Pool Party

August 30, 2014 § 2 Comments

A full day of swimming, eating, drinking reddish-pink beer cocktails, chatting, laughing, playing giant Jenga, and taking a swig from the Shot-Ski at my friends’ Labor Day pool party.

Celebrating Juli

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The holiday weekend started with a winery tour and dinner in the Waconia, Minnesota, area to celebrate my good friend Juli and her recent marriage to Paul — the type of guy every woman hopes she’ll meet and fall in love with some day. Of course, he’s pretty lucky to have won Juli’s heart as well. A win-win, as we say in the corporate world.

Sunday they’re renting out a pizza joint for the reception, and their friends (including me) can’t wait.

While Paul was off doing something related to watching high school football, Juli’s friends took her on a tour of beautiful Waconia and its vineyards, with a final stop at Lola’s Lakehouse.

A few highlights from our evening:


The First Tuesday in Summer

June 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Friends and babies. Sidewalk chalk. Last rites for a snake. The floods. You know. A typical summer day.


Twenty-Four Hours in St. Paul

June 13, 2014 § 2 Comments

The last 24 hours revolved around dinner with good friends, the Minnesota Museum of American Art’s 2014 Minnesota Biennial, ping pong at Union Depot, and a self-guided tour of St. Paul’s West Side.

* * *

I’ve known and adored these women for nearly 20 years. Our lives have evolved in surprising and fantastic ways, and we’ve shared joys and sorrows and frustrations along the way. Every get-together with them is a gift.



* * *

Thursday night in Lowertown meant limited parking. Music in the Park and preparations for the opening of the Green Line were well underway, but the highlight, for me anyway, was the packed opening reception of the Minnesota Museum of Art’s 2014 Minnesota Biennial.

More than 375 Minnesota artists submitted work to the open call, and a talented pool of 36 were selected to have their work exhibited in the show. The biennial’s art — photography, sculpture, painting, mixed media, and beyond — is a fantastic representation of work from across our talented state. I guarantee you’ll love the space and the exhibit, which is open through August 3. More information is available at the Minnesota Museum of American Art’s website.

A few photos from opening night:

* * *

The Union Depot at night — travelers arriving and departing by bus and train, historic architecture, and ping pong:

* * *

St. Paul’s West Side and West Seventh Street boast strong working-class and ethnic communities and great views of the city:


June 7, 2014 § 3 Comments

My day started at 5 a.m. when I awoke and headed out of town to participate in a 5k trail run and cheer on friends running their first 50k (31 freaking miles). Although the skies were threatening in the Twin Cities, the rain stayed away south of us. My friends had a fantastic race and finished strong. They glowed when they crossed the finish line and humbled me with their athleticism, humor, and grace under pressure. I suspect they’ll sleep soundly tonight.



As for me, I’m struggling to gain momentum after a running injury dogged me off and on for nearly a year. Even with two or three months of post-injury running complete, I’m still disappointed with my pace and distances.

I anticipated running a 10:30 pace for my 5k, nearly two minutes slower than my race paces last year. But — surprise, surprise — my time was decent (a little longer than a 10-minute mile) despite the terrain (beautiful, but hilly), and — the mother of all miracles — I came in first for my age group.

Of course, not many people ran in my age group, but that doesn’t matter. I grabbed that medal when they handed it to me and didn’t look back. It’s the only first-place running medal I’ve ever won and likely my last. Hence I will pack it away with other treasures to remind me of my happy little trail race and my friends’ extraordinary long one.

I'm only smiling because it's ridiculous I won my age group. Someone good didn't show up or had her knees bashed in.

I’m only smiling because it’s ridiculous I won my age group. A few good runners either overslept or had their knees bashed in by some malicious foe.


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