Blogging, Sugar, and AWP (and a Sure Sign of Spring)

April 5, 2015 § 2 Comments

First, it’s good to be back blogging after a two-month reprieve. I needed the break, am grateful I took it, and learned that sometimes it’s okay to hibernate.

Second, happy Easter to you and happy end of Lent to me. This is my fourth consecutive year of giving up sweets for six-plus weeks. I’m certainly a bit surly in the days leading up to the end, impatient to get to the jelly beans, my Dad’s lemon meringue pie, and Cadbury mini eggs. And while I can readily admit that I overindulged today, I’m finally relaxed and content loaded down heavy with plenty of glorious sugary goop. I’ll go back to salad tomorrow (and will gleefully chase it down with a chocolate bunny).

Third, AWP, the largest literary conference of its kind, arrives in my hometown on Wednesday. It’s my first. For months I’ve been fretting over it, and for weeks I’ve been planning my schedule and navigating which off-site events to attend. I still have difficulty calling myself a writer and am already intimidated by all the talent I have yet to meet this weekend. But now that I’ve had this blog for three years, taken multiple writing classes, tried to get published, done a few readings, and had business cards printed up that say I’m a writer, well, I guess I can lay claim to the title. My goal is to survive the mayhem, learn a thing or three, and connect with a lot of great people who love the written word as much as I do.

Happy Sunday, happy Easter, happy AWP, and thanks for sticking with me through the hiatus.

* * *

Mom says red branches are a certain sign of spring: 


February 3, 2015 § 2 Comments


Disco Skyway

January 30, 2015 § 3 Comments

Sunlight + colored glass = dance floor

Disco skyway

Infinite Skyway

January 28, 2015 § 4 Comments



January 27, 2015 § 1 Comment

Stairwell, Rand Tower, Minneapolis


Four Quadrants

January 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Train wires, Nicollet Mall


Hotel, Skyway Level

January 22, 2015 § 1 Comment



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