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Old Man River, broken up.

Broken up river

Mississippi Sunset

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I went to the river this afternoon with pen and pad in hand and camera within reach. The only rules: 1) write one-sentence short stories, and 2) take photos from only one spot. Not allowed? Standing, moving in closer for a better view, or sliding down to a different part of the bench. Allowed? Turning sideways and looking up and down.

The writing went well and I conjured up several flash fiction pieces ripe for revision.

But the bench photography? Meh. A worthy experiment, but maybe not the right location, time of day, or mindset. Of nearly 80 photos, these are the few I liked:

North by Northeast: The River

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The Lowry Bridge. Industrial sites. A police K9 training center.

All along the Mississippi in North and Northeast Minneapolis.

Me and the Leader of the Free World

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Today I baked an angel food cake and rhubarb sauce from scratch.

And visited the rising Mississippi once in the morning and once in the evening.

And ran along the rising Mississippi.

And waved hello to the POTUS.

Short Story Long

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Sometimes we (i.e., I) believe life’s daily disappointments and hassles foreshadow gloom and doom for the rest of our day, week, or life because the grocery store didn’t have our favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor on the first day of our period or no one liked the Glamour Shots photo we posted on Facebook. (Glamour Shots still exists, right? Or am I dating myself?)

I’m certainly guilty of overreacting to the tar-like goo life bubbles up my metaphorical drain, but I try like a happy bunny to make lemonade out of it.

Like the time I (accidentally) flushed every key I owned down a gas station toilet. Sure I panicked. Sure I couldn’t quite believe there wasn’t somebody the cashier could call to come on over to take the toilet apart and see if the keychain just might be stuck underneath the bowl rather than well on its way to a Duluth waste-water treatment plant. But when the realization that every last key was gone (gone!) along with my pride, I laughed, impressed I had a good tale to share for years to come.

Alas, I don’t have a colorful story to explain the nonexistence of the photos I wanted to shoot tonight — a night when the mighty Mississippi River is hours away from cresting and memorable shots throughout the Twin Cities are ripe for the taking.

My cupboard is bare because I forgot to turn off my camera last night and drained the battery. I didn’t know it until I arrived downtown to take my historic, sure-to-be-award-winning photos. I looked through my lens and was met with a sea of black rather than plants and buildings and street lights and bike paths and staircases being swallowed up by the river. I even said my first and middle name out loud, just like a parent who finds his or her daughter holding scissors in one meaty fist and a long ponytail that’s not her own in the other.

And, in a moment reminiscent of sending my keys down the sewer all those years ago, I dropped my car key on a platform edge mere centimeters from the murky depths of the Big Muddy, and I wasn’t in the mood to see the humor in it this time around. But the gods cut me a break, probably feeling awfully mean about the camera battery and all, because, miracle of miracles, I managed not to kick it into the rising river when bending down to retrieve it.

Luckily, my iPhone was at hand, but my photos of the flood are mediocre at best, and I leave it to you to do a search online for better pictures.

But if you’re in the market for a before-and-after photo of a jazzed-up thistle, then you’ve come to the right place:

The First Tuesday in Summer

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Friends and babies. Sidewalk chalk. Last rites for a snake. The floods. You know. A typical summer day.


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